The past couple of years have taught us a crucial lesson in humility; that we should not take anything for granted and do our utmost to extend a hand to those in our society that are willing to sacrifice their own safety for the better good of others and the country.

Who We Are

We are a community of Lebanese descendants and others who share a common interest in Lebanon and our mission; committed to healing Lebanon.

Driven by our belief in our shared humanity, we are dedicated to helping the Lebanese people fulfill that promise for themselves.

The Start of a New Change

Socioeconomic Snapshot

The Lebanese are dealing with a state-sponsored Ponzi scheme that was revealed in 2019 and robbed thousands out of their life savings, followed in 2020 by a complete economic collapse...

Empowerment Programs preview

LEAP empowerment programs focus on processes that enable participation; enhance control through shared decision making; and create opportunities to learn...

Social Impact Change

It may not be as loud as the technology revolution, but some experts predict it will be as transformative. Its reverberations are being felt across executive boardrooms, foundation ...


By making a gift now, you can join our other donors who believe that every Lebanese citizen has the right to adequate housing, safe drinking water, education, adequate health care, and sustainable economic opportunities.

Where We Impact

In all regions of Lebanon. Through grant-making and advocacy, we will together improve the lives of under-served Lebanese communities. 

Our SDGs Commitments

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