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Choose the amount and frequency of your sponsorship and help us change the future of those in need.  


Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty understands the value that corporations place on their social responsibility initiatives. We strive to build relationships with businesses so that together, we can transform communities from the despair of chronic poverty to the hope of self-sufficiency.

By partnering with LEAP, your business can help improve lives today while helping to ensure a better tomorrow for those suffering in extreme poverty in Lebanon. Effective corporate social responsibility initiatives not only benefit poverty-stricken Lebanese, they also benefit the corporation providing the support.

Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty provides its corporate supporters with detailed project updates and poignant stories from the field. We facilitate “hands-on” volunteer opportunities for company employees, company personnel with our partners on the ground to witness firsthand the impact of the sponsored project.  Upon project completion, we provide reports, photos, and testimonies that bear witness to the positive impact of your company’s support.

Learn More on How We Can Cooperate

LEAP facilitates the process of transporting donated goods to needy people in Lebanon. Our vast network of partnerships on the ground. Our extensive experience in shipping, and our partners’ experience in storage, and distribution enable us to deliver aid quickly and efficiently.


Benefits of Donating

Through LEAP, you can provide humanitarian aid and relief, and do your part to make the world a little better by:

  • Reaching those who need your help most
  • Receiving detailed follow-up reports
  • Enjoying a tax deduction
  • Delivering specific, need-appropriate goods
  • Protecting the environment

How You Can Help

Donations made through LEAP change lives and restore hope. There are several ways you can help:

  • Donate tractor-trailer loads of items from our needed items list on the bottom, or supply other materials
  • Provide freight assistance to help transport goods
  • Sponsor corporate food and fundraising drives and events 

We would be pleased to talk with you about becoming involved in LEAP’s mission to provide relief to destitute families and to help you and your organization to meet your charitable giving goals.

Items Needed 


Flour | Rice | Beans | Canned vegetables | Canned Meats | Sugar | Cereal | Powdered Milk | Cooking Oil

Disaster Relief Items

Blankets | Hygiene kits | Generators | Tarps

Educational Materials

School supplies | Electronics | School furniture | Books

Building Supplies

Tile | Paint | Building materials | Construction tools/equipment

Other Items

Household items | Baby products | Clothing | Paper products | Toiletries | Seeds | Shoes | Toys | Solar lights | Agricultural tools

Just as we collaborate with individuals and other NGOs, we also strive to partner with corporate and private foundations in order to better empower Lebanese women, children and youth. Your organization can support our work to help the needy through the provision of a foundation grant or other award.

We are thrilled to the fact that we are partnering with several private and corporate foundations that are enabling us to administer relief and development programs, along with proactive initiatives that enhance lives and help break the cycle of poverty.

LEAP initiatives include emergency relief assistance, housing, education, healthcare, medical resources, child welfare, women empowerment, and vocational/technical training. We also support individual economic and community development through sustainable programs with scalable & measurable impact. 

Overcoming extreme poverty in Lebanon, at this point of time can seem insurmountable. But together, we can dramatically change lives for those who struggle daily to survive and turn crises into hope.

Your company’s matching gift program allows you to direct your company’s charitable dollars to the cause nearest and dearest to your heart, greatly increasing your donation’s value to Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty.  An investment of just a few minutes can double your gift.

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