You Can’t Turn Your Back 

on Your Roots 

Without Turning Your Back 

on Yourself… LEAP


Unite Globally,

                           Assist Locally. 

Who We Are

We are a community of Lebanese descendants and others who share a common interest in Lebanon and our mission; committed to healing Lebanon. Driven by our belief in our shared humanity, we are dedicated to helping the Lebanese people fulfill that promise for themselves.

We believe the diaspora can have a huge impact to improve the future of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. It is by bringing together the diaspora and channeling its potential through projects on the ground in Lebanon that we can build a resilient Lebanon that can serve all its people.

Our Story

Lebanon is going through challenging times; a combination of economic meltdown, political paralysis, a massive currency devaluation, a raging and uncontrolled COVID pandemic...

The Beirut blast that destroyed one third of the capital has put more strain on an already collapsing economy... Record rates of poverty and unemployment levels is putting a significant burden on many of the NGOs present on the ground to provide the services that the government should be delivering.
It is in this context that LEAP has seen the light to become a bridge between the large Lebanese diaspora across the globe and the homeland; Lebanon.

Our Vision

We at LEAP, Believe in the power of «WE» !

We Believe that by uniting the Lebanese Diaspora around a shared vision, we can fight poverty and reduce socioeconomic inequalities in Lebanon.

We envision a Lebanon where no one goes hungry.

We believe that every citizen has the right to adequate housing, safe drinking water, adequate health care, education and sustainable economic opportunities.  

We envision a Lebanon where youth & women are empowered, and genders are treated equally. 

We envision a Lebanon resilient to climate change and disasters.

Our Mission

To alleviate poverty in Lebanon, by empowering people to participate in local economies through development of sustainable communities.


At LEAP, our culture is shaped by our values, which reinforce what we care about and how we do things, not just what we do.

Our Values

We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective actions that drive us of which we are proud. 

We embrace Lebanese diversity and deliver the utmost service to people in need. 

We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve by transparently sharing our results, stories, and lessons. We are focused on achieving the greatest possible impact with the resources entrusted to us.  

We embrace a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect. 

We see the suffering caused by poverty in Lebanon and are passionate about eliminating its root causes.  

We believe that we can accomplish more when we work collaboratively as Lebanese descendants, interested citizens of the world, and local Lebanese to achieve shared goals. 

More About LEAP

Inside LEAP

Take a look inside Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty; LEAP— from meeting our leadership and valued partners to reading our financial reports.