Measuring social change is not easy. But we are committed to doing it well. And we have a great team to make that happen.

OUR model

Our model serves as a platform for other partnerships and support.

Our fundraising strategy combines a three-pronged approach consisting of grassroots, charitable and philanthropic channels; the latter tends to be more long-term, strategic, focused on rebuilding whereas charitable work tends to be short term, emotional, immediate response, focused primarily on rescue and relief. Most traditional charities present in Lebanon deal with the consequences of injustice but do not challenge the root cause.

We also partner with and back vetted social entrepreneurs that are fighting in the front lines in the face of the catastrophic socioeconomic situation in Lebanon and the repercussions of the COVID-19 endemic.

With the funding of our donors and partners, those young leaders are building bridges and creating opportunities through their social enterprises to educate, empower and employ thousands of Lebanese in the communities they serve.

LEAP’s aim is to eventually go beyond charity and provide long term funding and management support to social entrepreneurs to help create sustainable social ventures with scalable and measurable impact.

Through our Grassroots movement, LEAP uses self-organization and collective action at the diaspora’s local level to affect change on the ground in Lebanon by encouraging community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action for their community, hence reinforcing a sense of belonging. 

Our Empowerment Programs Overview

Our programs will address six interdependent dimensions of empowerment. Through these programs, our vetted local NGO and social entrepreneur partners, we can work on empowering those in need, especially youth and women in one or more aspects of their lives.

Psychological Empowerment: Programs intend to enhance an individual’s consciousness, belief in self-efficacy, awareness and knowledge of problems and solutions and of how individuals can address problems that harm their quality of life. This dimension aims to create self-confidence and give participants the skills to acquire knowledge.  

Community Empowerment: Programs focus on enhancing the community through providing housing security, leadership development, improving communication, and creating a network of support to mobilize the community to address concerns. 

Organizational empowerment: Programs aim to create a base of resources for communities, including voluntary organizations and associations that aim to protect, promote and advocate for the powerless. 

Economic empowerment: Programs aim at teaching entrepreneurial skills, how to take ownership of individuals own assets and how to have income security.  

Social empowerment: Programs teach about social inclusion and literacy as well as helping individuals find the resources to be proactive in their communities. Encouraging & supporting parents to keep their youth in schools and universities. Assist individuals in career placements. 

Cultural empowerment: Programs aim to recreate cultural practices and redefine cultural rules and norms for youth and women.

Social Impact Change

Like the tech revolution before it, the impact change is being fueled by a rising generation; millennials who came of age in the time of unprecedented global connectivity, economic crises, and access to data, are both skeptical and empathetic.

They are demanding social responsibility from corporations, launching their own social enterprises, and investing with social returns in mind. 

Lebanon has its share of those social entrepreneurs that work tirelessly to educate, employ, and empower. LEAP will partner with these social entrepreneurs as they thrive to loosen the severity of the crisis on the most severely affected and vulnerable segments of the society, women and youth.

Together we can tackle urgent social challenges by aligning goals across sectors, empower change makers with data and direct capitals into engines for social good.


By placing learning at the center of everything we do, LEAP maximizes our funding and our impact.

We collect detailed data on our grantees, which gives us a clear picture of their geographic reach, focus, funding, and other indicators of how they are equipped to achieve our mutual goals.

We monitor the progress of the sponsored projects, on each issue and target, toward strategic plans that include 10-year goals, three-year outcomes and annual milestones toward each outcome. This allows LEAP to monitor and evaluate what our grantees are accomplishing collectively. We track successes, shortfalls and opportunities and use this data to fine-tune our grantmaking and strategies each year.

We evaluate LEAP’s U.S. advocacy with the same rigorous processes of reporting, analysis and reflection, to ensure that this work is effectively furthering the same strategic goals as our grantmaking.

We facilitate ongoing learning with our team, partners and grantees, using the analysis of our data to respond to challenges and opportunities.

We conduct original research and external evaluations to investigate LEAP’s impact and better understand the Sustainable Development Goals issues on which we work. We share our findings with our partners, grantees and other funders so they can apply what we have learned in their strategies for change.

By placing learning at the center of everything we do, LEAP maximizes our funding and our impact.