Take a look inside Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty; LEAP— from meeting our leadership and valued partners to reading our financial reports.

We believe that the road to ending poverty begins by empowering citizens to earn a living income.  That requires training them properly and connecting them to thriving marketplaces and key players in local and international economies.  

In partnership with international NGOs, foundations, local Lebanese NGOs, and social entrepreneurs, we provide capital, technology, and other critical resources necessary for Lebanese people in underserved areas to succeed. Lebanese Empowered Against Poverty (LEAP) is different. We don’t just provide services or goods. We dedicate ourselves to partnering with Lebanese communities to improve their quality of life.

We refuse to stop until every Lebanese is living a dignified life with access to nutritious food, safe housing, resources, education, healthcare, and money saved for emergencies.



Passionate. Thoughtful. Empathetic. Engaged. Values-driven.

These are just a few words that describe the people at LEAP.

We have a great team and hope you will get to know us!